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We know it sounds simple but then we also know it really isn’t simple. We have babies and then what? The world spirals into this motion resembling a giant fair ride of hazy visibility. Like the speed of a wonky three day built coaster ride, it’s scary yet thrilling! Life becomes the complete opposite of the 9 months and 1354693 days of pregnancy that just ended for you. But how fast does time really go? Before you know it, six months have passed and you get a small chance to soak in what those past several months have done to your sweet precious newborn. Truth is, they are not that much of a newborn at this point. They learned expressions and noises with ups and downs intertwined together. That little newborn now wiggles around and maybe even sits up! There is more hair, or less hair… and some squishy dimpled cheeks on both ends! They have favorite toys and comforts. Sleeping habits form and then change thanks to regression and teething and pretty much anything we didn’t expect. You witnessed the evolution one by one as these milestones tumbled into each day. Was there a chance to focus on those changes as a whole? Like, “hey my baby isn’t that same baby now!?!”. This is only the 6 month mark… just wait for the first birthday!! I know as parents we try to enjoy it all while its here but it isn’t until the first year milestone that we wake up and say, “Where did this year go?”.

Time flew by with a baby in my life.

Because this is how it went for me. The responsibilities piled on and i’m not just talking about all that new laundry or the dozen cups of coffee turned cold I needed to then clean out. Our minds struggled to completely grasp and absorb information. Free time didn’t exist, self care sounded like a dirty word, and balance ran the struggle bus. Why? Well, the truth is too much is too much. No organizational theories and plans could set me up to succeed at all the duties on my list when there was a half pint of human needing me 24/7. So I did what I could when I could. Majority of this consisted of that baby newly taking charge.

Again, our minds cannot store away ALL that goes on in our days like this.

You might think you soak it all in…. but just like the milestone stages, memories really don’t last forever. Just wait until the years go on and your memories are cloudy because new ones like soccer game wins and ballet recitals fill up the front row! Some days I thought it would last forever, so I rushed those hard times by. But when it’s all unreachable by years of growth and it becomes unclear from thousands on thousands of other milestones in our brain cabinet, you’ll see it goes by too fast! Celebrate the 6 month mark of your growing baby!!!! It IS a big deal!

Special Happy 6 month birthday to Colson!!! Momma gets to look back and remember these days and details like yesterday because she invested in a moment to film them. Looking at one picture can bring back a whole piece of your life filed away from long ago. Get those milestones on film!

Baby with a grand set of eyelashes for sure!

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Family moments with everyone in front of the camera will be influenced by the love that fills their hearts for each other. Simple lifestyle portraits obtain a classic piece of history for future years to come.

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