Adding Four Feet With A Bark To Your Family.

Let me start by saying, I LOVE DOGS!

Seriously, between babies and dogs…. it’s easily a tie. I won’t say a newborn baby is the same as a new puppy, but they are not that much different either. It is SO easy to get caught up in the thoughts of adding something so precious to your life. So many pros and cons. But the truth is, you love the idea and maybe you have always felt ready.

But what else is there to consider?

They come into the world needing instant love, support, and patience. Puppies and babies both have sleepless nights, need potty training, chew things up a ton, and need constant supervision. The expensive add-on to your family is sure to take away from the fun activities and fancy items you adore. It is the grandest of responsibilities to raise a newborn and a puppy (if your raising both at the same time, you should be writing this blog). You’ll find yourself changing your ways and your family will have some adapting to do. I am talking about giving up all your freedom and all of your space to a little pint size newly acquired appendage of your heart for the rest rest of your life! Let’s not forget the fact that you will now question life more, even if this isn’t your first.

Did I scare you? Then, let me skip the rest of the details and say, it is all totally worth it!

I own 2 dogs currently and they weren’t my firsts in life. I’ve also got 2 kids. I find it dark humor that during the toughest of these moments of raising a puppy or baby that we scream out “no more, never again, this is it!!!!!!!”. The truth to that is that we tend to soon forget that stage afterwards because the result is feeling complete and rewarded. The will imprint on us as we do them. Our circle grows as if our space had room all along for it. There are senses of emotion that a puppy and a baby can provide us that I believe doesn’t exist from anything else ( I am sure you feline fans disagree but those sweet fur babes comes ready to rock life fully independently, making us all jealous). Our dedication and commitment to the journey gives us pride, strength, and evolution. So not that we take this challenge on in life for anything greater than love… but we gain a weight of positives from adding someone to our family, our circle, our heart.

I encourage you!

Soak in all the deep thoughts around adding to the family. Be present in each step with a mindfulness of the power within the choice you made. It is a long road… and traveling down it will come with speed. Before you know it, there will be a moment you miss it all….. puppy or baby. And photograph even the mundane of it all!

Thank you to Gracie’s family for letting me grab a “newborn” session of this 10 week old sweet four legged baby with the cutest bark! Corgis are an absolutely adorable breed.

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