Little Printed Love Photography is a small local business in Richmond, Virginia owned and operated by Amanda Nicole Stoufer. This portrait photography company was established in 2016 specializes in both newborn and boudoir genres full time with a private studio and options for travel. LPLP also offers other portrait services such as return client family sessions, headshots, couples/engagement shoots, Bridal sittings, and milestone sessions for return newborns. As a mother, Amanda knows the value held for those special moments during a journey for baby. She also holds a strong appreciation for creating comfortable safe environments for woman to grow confidence and self love for themselves with boudoir. With a love for artistic visions and using creative outlets as an expressive and therapeutic tool, Amanda utilizes her hyper vigilant sense of emotions to connect to clients and each shoot as a personal and unique art form. With continued education as well as the support from the community that surrounds her as a photographer and individual, Amanda focuses on potential growth and constant movement towards evolvement while still remaining available to her community of returned clients and their needs. Hiring LPLP means receiving passionate and skilled services that provide you with professional and committed experiences. 

The Company 

Meet Your Photographer

I'm Amanda.  You must be wondering what your photographer is going to be like. Well, it's not simple. I am A social introvert. I like my comfy home and people the most, but I crave connections! Besides being an artist, I am A momma who wrangles two daughters with an age gap between them, so I get parenthood a little (insert sarcasm).  If you spent some time on a session with me, you would find out about my love for my dogs, husband, disney and food. Richmond is such a beautiful place that I have been lucky enough to enjoy for more most of my life. This city holds some incredible people with powerful stories and Filming those people is part of my storytelling! 

I started this journey with many motivations.... my own attachment with photographs, my creative side, a therapeutic tool in life, and a way to continue to grow as a person. Your friendship is always welcome as I seek out connections!  When working with newborns, you will see I get baby fever each and every time (how do I not have 30 kids by now?). If you have a family session booked, I am positive we will relate 20+ times within the 30-60 minutes because family is a big part of our lives. As you experience a boudoir session with me, you get to learn how my clumsiness is entertaining as well as how strong my heart in my work. Point is, I am pretty much an open book who utilizes not just my skill and passion, but also my life experiences to provide you with the feeling of satisfaction afterwards! 

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